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Fleur de Pineapple - Iridiscent

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The second addition the the Luxury glass jar line for This Little Candle Co; the Fleur de Pineapple. The Fleur de Pineapple gets it's name from the blend of pineapple shape & the fleur de lis symbol. The pineapple has long been a symbol of self assurance, success, friendship, generosity, and hospitality. Mixed with the Fleur-de-lis which symbolizes royalty & you have the Fleur de Pineapple! This jar is in the color "Iridescent." It changes color in the light! It is 8oz, double wicked and you can choose whichever scent to go in this candle jar. This jar is also great as a piece of decor once complete or ship it back for a refill!

Note: Please include scent of choice in text box:

Scents available: Carrot Cake, Old Fashioned, Merry & Always Right, Don't Tangle Ya Tinsel, Enchanted Winter, Snow Cookies, A Winter's Night, Prune de Miel, Sleigh-In It!, Sprucin' It Up, Jolly & Pine, Under the Mistletoe, Sunday Morning, Lavender Cookie, Apple of My Pie, Sami's Frosted Alpine, CranApple Holidaze, Sugared Plum+Cashmere, After Hours, Don't Be Salty


  • Sustainability

    The main goal of our brand is to be as sustainable as possible. All our jars are reusable!

  • Made in USA

    We don’t compromise on local manufacturing. All of our products are designed and made in Michigan!

  • 100% Vegetable Soy Wax

    We only use 100% Soy wax as it is the cleanest, environmentally, human and pet friendly wax on the market.

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